write student

Write Student Write Says Teacher

Write for our life

We all do have a license to write. It goes beyond the regular formation of ideas and dissembling behind fractious political entities and converges on a more idealistic plane filled with mirages. No, not the fighter jet aircraft…illusions.

The teacher is trying to figure out which of her students are actively text-messaging aliens while unscrambling the scribbled answers they have written. She has her eyes on green haired Collins who walks backwards to the playground swing. She asked around the intelligent student community aged 5 –7 and found many interesting things. One is that they sleep in their school clothes.

EN OH! The aliens do not have the technology that helps them decipher spellings says Ralph. He is the kid who spells brace with a W and uses V for water…the write way. He has convinced his teacher that aliens have got into his spelling. They do it at night, he says.

Students fish for answers

There are many ways to catch the fish. But when you are fishing for ideas, the right ones somehow disappear. The ways to go is often the way that has just vanished from the mind. The students however are very innovative. They write up things you could never dream about. What is a cucumber? Open the back door and walk out to the banana tree. You will stumble upon one huge round thing. That is a pumpkin. Right next to that is the cucumber patch. Oh, my mother plucked out all those cucumbers and made salad yesterday. So, you will not have any cucumbers. And it looks like the teacher is also not counting on the cucumbers anyway…anyway not from the students.

Close the book student

The accountant is busy. He is walking around with a stack of books. “I have to submit a joke for the weekly writers club. I don’t know where I noted it down. I have to go through the entire stack by tomorrow morning.” Don’t know whether to laugh or cry.