Home Remedies to cure Mouth Blisters!!

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I am suffering from Mouth Blisters from last 5 days and its very painful. Every-time When i meet this problem its quite acceptable, but this time it ¬†became worst. My whole mouth became white in color that i was unable to drink plain water also. ¬†Two days passed away i didn’t had my meal also. imagining the pain, i can’t even think of taking food. Then i finally went to doctor when the pain was unbearable. And now i am feeling good. Now i want to share some simple home remedies to cure Mouth Blisters which might be helping to all of you!!

1- GHEE AND CAMPHOR- Take 50 gm camphor and mix it well with pure ghee and heat it on low flame then apply the mixture on the affected area. It helps in decreasing the pain.

2- ONLY GHEE- the simplest way to get rid of blisters, just apply some pure ghee on the affected area before going to bed at night. This will also help in decreasing the pain.

3- SALT AND WATER- Boil water and salt in a container unless it turns into salt water. Then wash your mouth with the salt water. Its little painful but very effective.

4- COOKING SODA AND WATER- Apply a mixture of cooking soda and water on the affected area. It will help you get rid of mouth blisters. It is also very painful but very effective.

5- Avoiding spicy foods- The first and foremost thing you should do is avoiding spicy foods. Spicy food can cause more pain and infection.

I just hope this article will help you getting rid of mouth blisters.