Me Time

Sorry visited to late

“Oh, how time can fly by. Time is ticking away. When was the last time you taken time out of your busy schedule and went to visit a long lost friend, elderly parents or grandparents. Excuses can add up for reasons to not to visit a friend, family member but it is those excuses that keeps you away from every making amends.

January 17, 2007, I lost a sister to cancer. She was fifty one years old, a mother of seven. A wife for twenty years or more. Time she spent on this earth still among the living not one sibling went to visit her. Not even her own children. I am guilty of this too. I understand that life busy schedule with work and raising our own families and living our lives can be one of many reasons to stop from visiting a friend or love one.

I will never forget the last words that spurted out of my sister’s mouth on one of the visit to the hospital visiting her. We had our sister spats and disagreements that is what kept us from having a healthy sister relationship. Her words haunts me today what she have slurred out just before she taken her final breath. “The Reason family are visiting me because I am dying!” I can’t do it alone trying to reconcile my broken family it not that I have tried to bring all the siblings together to build a bond relationship with them. I have tried to do my part of taking time out to visit them. The impression I receive from them that they don’t want to even try.

It came to the time to bury my sister Peggy Lee, not one family member even wanted to help to give her a decent burial. So it was the baby sister and I and my husband that arranged a memorial service for her. I was shocked when my husband and I arrived at her Memorial services for the simple fact not one of her seven children have come to show their last respect to their mother. Regardless, the life my sister Peggy Lee chosen to live her life she was still their mother. Top of it all, the family who did come to the services arrived either intoxicated or high on something. I sang two songs in her memory and one who brought photo’s.

It seems that family gathers together when they hear the news their love one or friend has passed away. Well whatever words they had to say to the love one who passed away is to late. I have to live with the fact I am guilty of not taking time out of my busy schedule to go visit my sister and I will take responsibility of my own actions. Whatever you have on your mind that you want to say to your love ones the time is now while they are among the living. Make peace in your life and make amends. I forgiven my sister Peggy lee years before her passing and I asked her to forgive me likewise when she was in her final days. Well, Peggy Lee died peacefully at 5:30 Pm on January 17,2007, she died alone with no family members present. Hospice was there at her side and I have tried to be there but I felt I did not try hard enough to be by her side. My concerns and prayer was my sister did not have to die alone among strangers at the nursing home where she was transfer to.

I have learned a valuable lesson from my sister’s death. Lessons I learned was to take time out of your time to forgive, make amends, love, support, let go, move on so when the person who have had been angry with for a long period of time to where it has caused distance from them try to fix things before it is to late and time stops ticking. Don’t let your heavy heart be pouring out standing at their grave with words such as, “If Only!” “I wish things could of been better between us”, I didn’t know. so on.

Find some peace and comfort in forgiving, making amends today. Take the time to visit a family member or friend that haven’t visit for a long time because of some argument or disagreement.