How Hard Is It To Avoid A Parked Car?

I still can’t imagine how a car can hit my vehicle when there is nothing else in the road except a parked car!  Sure it was in the middle of the night. But the street was well- lit.  Plus, you can see you car for hundreds of feet before you even got close.

I suppose the the real thing that irks me is that the driver who hit my car did not even had the sense to leave a phone number so we can speak with each other.  Some drivers are just plain nasty.

My car has been hit several times now because of public utility drivers trying to own the road.  And because some of them are kind enough to pull over, talk to me and apologize, I usually let it go.  But when the driver is arrogant and in this case really rude, then I am really irritated.  How hard is it to avoid a parked car in a wide, well- lit street?  Apparently for this driver it was really hard.

So what can I do except face the fact that some people lack basic decency.  I hope that driver does not hit another vehicle and run from his/ her obligations.

Now I am led to get my car fixed and just put things behind.  But the truth is, I still can’t get over it.  It is just annoying!

So, if you are ever in Metro Manila, make sure you keep in mind that many drivers here are just lack common sense.  I am forced to think that getting a driver’s license here is just a huge joke.  Many know how to drive but lack the what it takes to be a good driver.  It is no wonder why there are lots oft raffia accidents in Metro Manila.

So here I am just being sad for my car.