Reasons why Men cheats!!

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Today i will discuss few reasons why man cheats.

1-HE’S A LIAR- Most of the men are liars. I am not everyone, but there are only few man who commit truly in a relationship. And other man never ever think that this is not only relation, but a vow which he takes while coming into relationship. They treat it as a time pass and when they get bored they try to come out of relationship and starts cheating.

2- HE IS INSECURE- Some men feel insecure about their personality. They think that they are too young, too old, too thin, too fat and many more things. So they move in to extra marital just to think that they are still fit and fine.

3- HE IS IMMATURE- Some men are really immature and they do whatever they want without thinking that others are smart and they will get to know what he is actually doing. This thinking turn them on and they cheat on their partners.

4- HE IS DAMAGED- This happens to those men who have faced sexual abuse and trauma, neglect and physical abuse. hey can’t able to commit any relationship just to make up their mind.

5- HE HAS UNREASONABLE EXPECTATIONS- SOME MEN HAVE UNREASONABLE EXPECTATIONS FROM THEIR SPOUSE LIKE GIVING FULL TIME AND BEING ROMANTIC ALL THE TIME AND PHYSICAL INTIMACY. They don’t think that the spouse also have some responsibility of kids, works, etc. And if they don’t get the same they move out in search of their expectations.

6- WORK OVERLOAD AND GETTING BORED- Some men gets bored and need some special treatment from their spouse or partner. They get bored with the same routine of life. Some times to get out of it they watch porn or hire prostitutes.

7- HE IS CONFUSED ABOUT LOVE- Some men are really confused about what love really is. They only know that its all about romance. So they rush in romance and physical intimacy. They have to know that love is a relationship of long term commitment and a sweeter love and emotional intimacy.

8- HE IS ADDICTED- Men who are addicted to drugs and alcohol usually lacks decision making power and they do what they want without thinking about what they are doing. This results into cheating.

9- HE WANTS OUT- Some times men move to another relationship knowingly and tries to make his spouse also know about his extramarital affair just to broke up from current relationships.

10- HE LACKS MALE BONDING- Male bonding is must for a man. He needs some support or talks from other man about their life and relationship. If they won’t understand what relationship is they will not care about any relationship.