Happy Birthday to Me

Good Morning everyone, Guess what? It’s my birthday today, yeah!! I am officially 34 years old as of today. Honestly speaking, birthday to me isn’t as hype as it use to be. when i was younger, my pals and i would head out to all the most popular joint in town and party all night long but now, that spark of craziness have long deserted me. I no longer wasting my life going places of this sort but rather to a cafe to have a shot of freshly brewed coffee a while reading the news.

Looking back, i must admit i did pretty good. With all the temptation in life, i never get myself into serious trouble from the law, i never get hook up with drug or any dangerous substances, although i have friends who smoke but that never lead me to become one of them and the most important thing is, i never join any mafia or triad. i live a simple but happy life. Just got married with a girl who are perfect for me and take very good care of me as well. Recently bought a house but it’s still under renovation so might take a while before we can start our own family.

Sometime i do wonder, if god watching over me? From the childhood days, i was never the star in the crowd. The best word to describe me would be a dark horse in the family. I have more bad memories than the good ones but all this hardship and disappointment help me to grow and made me the men i am today. In life, don’t expect to be spoon feed but instead, work hard for your goal. Nothing is impossible if you really put your heart and soul into it.

Thanks for your time for reading through my article. Hope it might give you some motivation to make your life better. All the best