Entertaining Kids Is Hard Work

Well I am sure that the title is not necessary ground breaking news to most of us, but it sure does tend to get lost on me when I do not have to think about it often.  I was hanging out with some friends today for Labor Day and ended up taking care of some kids and I was pretty much lost the entire time.

I do not have children myself, but I did used to work with kids and consider myself somewhat good at it, but I just did not have my best stuff today.  It seemed like everything I would suggest or try they would have something else that they wanted to do or something else to say,

I am not entirely sure if it was me and my significant time away from it all, or maybe there is just so much out there these days that I cannot keep up with everything.  I do know that I always have to look twice whenever I see these kids who are probably about ten or eleven with cell phones.

Afterwards I was talking about it with some of the other people that were there and they pretty much said the exact same thing too.  Of course they all have gotten used to it and have children and know a little bit of what they are talking about, but it is still a different game.

I hope that all the opportunities that are out there for kids that were not there when I was growing up are used for the good and not the bad.  I guess it is out job to make sure of that, but man that seems like a really hard job now.