New Beginning New Hope

A very good day to all of you, this is my first day at this site. From all the disappointment of CGP and other social writing site, i am taking a gamble on this new site. It’s not easy to write a good posting, it takes dedication and a lot of hard works to get it done. It’s especially depressing when something you had put our heart and soul into it and not getting the reward as promised. I had rather a few painful experiences regarding this matter back then so i really hope this site do genuinely keep their promises. This is actually my third writing website, the first scammed me for about $500 by terminating my account days away from my actually claim period. i was devastated, angry and depressed all at once. i try appealing but to no avail.

My second painful experiences cheated me for about $150.  I should have known better than to register an account there due to the owner being mysterious and forbidden all authors from asking or posting any payment related issue. Reality caught up with him as one by one quitting because they never get paid.

I have personally invested a lot into these writing site a few years ago hoping i might earn some pocket money to lighten my burden. i have spent quite an substantial amount of money upgrading my internet connection as well as my computer. i would  make posting on difference timezone and try to each so many person as possible hoping they might read my posting.

i sincerely hope the owner of this site will honor and cherish all the author’s hardwork. Have a nice day and all the best to you.