Do not ignore frequent headaches

Headaches should not be ignored. People who never suffer from headaches can count themselves extremely lucky. For the rest of us it pays to learn that we should not ignore frequent headaches.

Headaches can be cause by many factors such as bloodclots in the brain to hangovers. Headaches can occur suddenly due to an illness or infection or after too much activity. Weather circumstances, food that you eat, smoking, stress, strong odours or taking too many pain killers are all contributing factors.

You should seek immediate medical assistance when suffering a severe headache especially after a fall or head injury or one that doesn’t go away and gets worser over time. Please be aware if the headache is accompanied by numbness or weakness and or paralyzed  to one side of the body. When you can’t speak, see  properly or walk properly, vomiting, naseau, fever, double vision etc  it is a bad sign.

Most headaches can be treated with over the counter medication but if you experience any of the above mentioned symptoms seek medical assistance as soon as possible.

The most common types of headaches are:

  1. Sinus headaches : Mostly in cheecbones and breach of nose  and fore head.
  2. Hormone headaches: Affecting woman during change of hormone levels when she is menstruating, pregnancy and menopause.
  3. Tension headaches: Most common between adults and children. Painful on both sides of the head moderate till severe.Sharp pains can come or go at the back of neck as well.
  4. Migraines: it involves medium to strong pounding or throbbing pain mostly on the one side of the head. The pain can become severe that it prevent you from.doing your daily activities.
  5. Cluster headaches: This headache is not very common. It is a sudden very painful throbbing or constant piercing behind the eyes. In many cases the pain are so severe that you cannot lie still or sit for the duration of the attack.