Dog can be your best buddy

Do you know that dogs are the only living thing here in this planet that could give you an unconditional love? You don’t believe what’s written here? There are lots of proof to prove that what I was saying is true.

There are lots of movies all over the world about dogs and some of them are based on true story. There was a movie in where the dog waited for its master in front of the train station for nine whole years because it doesn’t know that its master died already.

In fact you do not need to watch movies just to prove that what I was saying is true. We all know that dogs are brave animals that for some reason even if we are aware that they are about to bite us we end up being bitten. But tell me, if you ever hurt your dog, does it fights back? No, even if they can fight you well; that is because they do not wanted to hurt you.

They will stay up all night just to make sure that you, your family and your house are safe. If you hire a security guard to make sure that you guys are safe, how sure are you that the hired security guard won’t take a nap when you aren’t looking?

If you’ve got a problem and there’s no one to lean on your dog will always be there for you as your crying shoulder. If you ever wanted to come back to your childhood you can play with your dog like a five year old kid and you won’t heard anything bad from your dog even if you’re acting like a small child.

Just love your dog and it will make you feel loved a thousand times. Spend time with your dog and don’t make it feel like its all alone. Treat your dog like your own child. You are your dogs everything.