Rabies is deadly

Dogs are man’s best friend and cats are cute that makes us feel like we want them to be a part of our family. We feed them and play with them, we treat them like our child. When they are sick, we take them to a veterinary so that they will be treated and get well.

We love out pets so much but keep this in mind. Some of them had rabies so we must know a lot of things just to be safe.

Rabies is deadly and no matter how young or old you are you still can be a victim of rabies.

Rabies is a disease that can be transmitted through saliva. Animal bite is often the reason but there are also chances that the animals claws can transmit this disease to another mammal or person.

To prevent your pet from having a disease, you must take your pet to a vet and ask for an anti-rabies vaccine so that your pet will be rabies free.

Remember, even if your pet has its anti-rabies vaccine when you pet bit you, wash it very well and apply anti-septic to the open wound.

Go to hospital and ask for the anti-rabies vaccination. You must complete all the vaccination session so that you will be assured that you are safety from the rabies.

There are lots of cases in where humans died after getting bitten by their pets or stray dogs and cats because they did not paid too much attention to it.

What others do is that when they get bitten by an animal, they just rub a piece of garlic into the open wound. They say that the garlic could kill the rabies in the wound.

DO NOT EVER BELIEVE IN IT. Rubbing a garlic on the bitten part of your body on the open wound will only make the color of the wound darker and makes it hard for the doctor to determine the level of the infection or worse the wound will have an infection.