The Giant

I was a giant, I am big and strong. I can lift large rocks, I can lift heavy logs and nobody could ever do that.

Because of me being a giant, everyone fears me and no one  ever tried to mess with me. I am the strongest and the most powerful that no one could ever beat me. I can block canon balls and bullets and bombs won’t work on me.

I’ve got no friends because they are scared of me and in fact I don’t even need them, I don’t need friends because I can make them do what I wanted them to do for me if I use my power.

One day a mysterious man from afar came and he told us that it will be raining but this approaching rain is no ordinary rain. The water that will fall from the skies is poisonous so he told everyone including me to stay in our homes.

A giant like me don’t need home because I am tough and if bullets and bombs doesn’t work on me then that poisonous water had no chance to hurt me.

All of the humans spent their day inside their houses. But me, i did not build a house for myself because I don’t need it and I’m sure of it.

The poisonous rain started to fall and when it touches my skin I felt like I’m burning. There’s nowhere to hide because of my size, I asked for help but no one helped me no matter how hard I screamed for help.

At that moment, I realized that i should’ve been nice to humans and I should’ve built a house for myself. I regret what I just did and what I did not even if I knew that there’s no way to turn back the time to make it up to everyone and to myself. That night, I suffered so much from the poisonous rain.

Now, the poisonous rain taught me a lesson. I am now bald, blind, got wounds all over my body, I can’t even stand and worst, I am lying down below the ground. Bugs are consuming me and I can’t do anything to stop them.