I am new and ready to write

Hey everybody I am new to the site and hope that I can get my writing out there. I love to share writing in every aspect. Art has been a huge part of my life for a very long time #life #love #art.  I began writing when I was real little a stunned  my elementary school with a horrifying tale that was featured in the school. From then on I knew I was on to something and headed straight for future curiosity. I wound  making a movie at seventeen that fell under budget but was a won of fun making in Austin Texas

I have stayed out of the writing scene for some time now and sadly regret it. I have been trying to find a community that will act as a family and really work together. I have seemed to stumble on this site and am very happy. I was once on a different site and not to name names but it was just a big mistake. The site is no longer running and it is very upsetting.

I have become really fond of photography and try to get my photos out there but have not really had a whole lot of luck, I have a really great camera and catch things really well but have not found my go to place. Of course I am a stay at home mom.

Well introductions set aside I hope to be a huge part of the community and really bring in the literature. I love poems, people, drawing, writing, and so on. I am always willing to make new friends too. I have a deep love for animals and will be getting a puppy to add to my family soon. for now I will just share a picture of my babies my sweet birdies Harley and Joker. Okay thanks again