Do You Believe that Jesus is Coming?

There are 300 times mentioned about the Second Coming of our Lord Jesus Christ in the Bible. According to John 14:1-3,Jesus said that He will prepare a place for you and me and He will come again, and receive us into His place and where He will be, there we may be.

It’s a promise for all of us. Like McArthur who promised that he will come again, he came back to save the Filipinos from the hands of the Japanese conquerors. The Philippines became an independent country through the help of the Americans.

Jesus will come in the second time but not as a baby. He will come as a King with a gift for every one who accepted Him as his Personal Savior.

How do we know that His coming is true? Well, I think you believe that Jesus came as a baby and you can see him in a manger 2000 years ago as Mary and Joseph as His parents. That’s why there is a Christian Celebration called Christmas.

If you believe that Jesus came here as a baby, then coming here back as a king is truth. Are you ready for His coming?

The verse is telling us not to worry in this life because every worries that we had in this life, He will put it away once He comes. I am so thankful that Jesus will come and will end up all the chaos, the trials, the problems and the worries that we are experiencing. Like McArthur, He will eliminate the evil forces that enslave mankind.

Those leaders of ISIS who sent suicide bombers to every part of the world, they will be judge according to their works. We, who are keeping His commandment and walked with God, we will be spare for the judgment but we will be receiving gift of eternal life.

Aren’t you happy that Jesus is coming soon?