Date Day With My Family

My family is important to me.  I chances are you have the same idea of putting family first.  Today, is a special day.  We got the chance to spend the whole day doing the things we love.  thanks to the APEC meeting in our country, classes  are suspended and we have time for the family.  This is a splendid day for all of us.

Family time is usually outdoors with nature.  And we are very lucky there are many parks near our home.  Early in the morning we went to one of the most famous places to hang out for families and friends – Quezon Memorial Circle.  This is place is a favorite place to exercise – jogging, stretching and zumba.  The Quezon city government even put up some exercise course and machine for people to use.  This was our first stop since this is just around 5 minutes away from our home.

after spending some time walking around, running and playing, my ndaughter suddenly had an urge to go to the zoo.  Luckily just across the from where we are is an animal rescue and sanctuary center.  The place is called Ninoy Aquino Parks and Wild Life.  the center is named after a Former Senator Benigno Aquino Jr.  He died some time ago which sparked the EDSA revolution also known as the Philippine People Power revolution.  Here, my daughter went to our favorite spot  –  lake where she can feed the fish.  Took a quick break and then we were off to the zoo inside the center.  This is a sort of a half-way house for the rescued animals so we saw really cool animals.  But her all time favorite is the Brahminy Kite.  Locally known as the Lawin, these are birds of prey are are considered as one of the most beautiful birds in the Philippines – at least that is what my daughter thinks.  I believe her.  We also moved towards the Philippine Eagle, the largest eagle in the world.Of course she loved it no matter how many times we’ve seen it.

As we wind down the day, we just lounge around and rest together as a family.  Today is a wonderful day which I want to do again.  family is important to me.  And when we get together, it is a precious moment.