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Easter Christian Festival to Celebrate Resurrection of Christ

Sadness before Happiness

Sad day here! But then Easter will be there tomorrow. I don’t know how this feeling develops…and carries on. It is like the rain, a bit damp but always welcome.

Age-old Tradition

Waiting for Easter is a ritual for Christians. They fast and pray and keep all the feelings at bay. It is a soul and body cleaning process. I like it because the tradition dates back to the early days when man was discovering God and religion.

Reason for Easter Festival

Easter is about the resurrection of Christ. The foul murder was decried by the entire mankind and resulted in the formation of a religion, Christianity.  I am happy to be a part of this culture more than anything else.

Ritual of Fasting

Fasting and praying make the person steadfast in his or her beliefs. It keeps the evil thoughts away. It helps one develop concentration that will help one in the academic or career pursuits. But the real idea is to develop faith, the one that is showed to us by the Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. It is a way of life.

Different people have different customs and most of them are  aimed at improving the life of the people. To partake in the ceremony is to associate with the faith of the place. This is how culture grows. Tradition also helps people develop an understanding of the mechanism of science and technology.

Simplicity of Christianity

Christianity is a simple faith, it does not try to be ostentatious or bombastic. It is meant for the simple of heart and who follow the teachings of Christ. Easter is the time when the people of the faith celebrate the awakening of Christ from the dead. Those who follow Him shall not die, but live forever through Him.

Of course, nothing need be said of the murderers. But one has to consider the other side of the coin too. Where do they go? What do they achieve? And will they continue their killing spree down the ages? I shudder to think of this.

Anyway, Happy Easter and good luck finding your eggs!