No More ” Meta Description ” ?

When I posted my previous post,  I tried to get all of the Requirements done. At first I wasn’t allowed to post my post, because it said I had not put anything in the ” Meta Description “.

So, I went below my post draft to where the little blank box usually is, but while the list with all of the red green and yellow dots where there telling me what I should do, even that no meta description had been written, and there was a space for the focus key word, there was no place whatsoever for me to even write a meta description like there usually is.   As a matter of fact, as I type this, there is not box below for the ” Meta Description”  — just the focus keyword and all of the  red, yellow, and green dots on the ” Content Analysis ” list. ;(

So — can some one tell me — is Sky Pip changing some things, or is there a glitch, or for that matter, is anyone else missing a ” Meta Description ” box, or is it just my computer?

Speaking of changes, I note that there is a little icon to the right that I don’t remember seeing before that looks like a stop light ( rectangle with three vertical dots in it ) with the words ” Move to Trash” by it. I don’t recall ever noticing that either.

So to reiterate , my questions are:

  • Where did the meta description go
  • If Sky Pip took it off, then why does the list with all the stoplight- colored dots say that “No Meta Description has been specified.”  How can I specify a meta description if there’s no box to put one in?
  • Is SkyPip doing updates
  • Is there a glitch
  • Is it just my computer
  • Is anyone else out there missing their “Meta Description” box?