Creative ways to use leftovers- part 3

Hello friends!!
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I am again here with some delicious dishes.

1- LEFTOVER PUMPKIN PUREE OATMEAL- Use the leftover pumpkin puree in your morning oatmeal to spice up your breakfast. You can go for a smoothie or a dip, jazz up macaroni and cheese, use it in pancakes, etc.

2- LEFTOVER CHILLY BAKED POTATOES- Some people specially in India, people use to make chilly at home and its very obvious that they make it in huge quantity. So you can use them as the topping of baked potato, also you can check out the recipe of chilly baked potato. You can also make chili dogs.

3- LEFTOVER STEAK SANDWICHES- Well i think there are very few people who love steak so it converts into leftover and tossed out of the house. Well you can use it in sandwiches by tossing it into onions, cheese, sauce, and fill it between buns. I guarantee you will love it.

4- LEFTOVER CHICKEN BBQ SANDWICHES- If you have grilled leftover chicken then instead over eating the same in next meal or toss it out, then chop it well, smooth it in BBQ sauce and top it with cheese to make a BBQ sandwiches for your next meal.

5- CAKE BALLS FROM LEFTOVER CAKES- Eating cake in special occasions is loved by all but having the same for weeks is something very boring so to make it exciting, try making cake balls and have it as many times or distribute in neighbors and friends.

6- LEFTOVER THANKSGIVING DINNER SOUP- Throw your thanksgiving leftovers along with some more ingredients in the pressure cooker and enjoy the delicious turkey mashed potato chowder. You can check this dish on the net.