Playing a Word Game is Fun

A word game is defined as a game consisting of letters to create a word or to search for hidden words. Scrabble, Text Twist, Crossword and Word Search are the most played and popular word games around the world. Playing word games broaden your vocabulary. If you read a lot then playing word games would be easily for you, as you are exposed to hundreds if not thousands words every day.

Scrabble (in my opinion) is one of the hardest word games I ever played. You need to create and as much possible is a unique word to get higher scores (to beat your opponent). Sometime it is time constrained or you’ll reach to a point that you have limited option to place your letter tiles in the scrabble board. Take note that the word to be created should be in the dictionary or at least have a meaning. Invalid words are not accepted (if you are playing online scrabble this is easily determined), and if you are playing scrabble with your friends then a dictionary must be nearby to check the words for validity.

Crossword is another one. In this game you need to write/place the correct letter to a grid of squares (where some are shaded) and clues are written to give you an idea what is the word answer. Be careful in answering as your answer will be used to answer other given clues for the puzzle. It is best to use pencil so you can edit your answer if you think it is wrong (that is if you are answering a crossword puzzle from a newspaper or a book).

How about you? Do you enjoy playing word games? If Yes, what word games do you enjoy the most? Do you play them with your friends or any members of your family?