Creative ways to use leftovers- part 2

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Here i am again to share my next dish which can be prepared from leftovers.

1- LEFTOVER BAKED SPAGHETTI- Spaghetti is a dish loved by almost everyone. When you prepare it for your family and some part are left then try using it on the next day in the form of baked spaghetti. Add few ingredients and make delicious mixture. You can take help of recipe book or internet to renovate the leftover spaghetti.

2- LEFTOVER PIZZA KABOBS- Pizza loved by all and popular all over and its leftover is something which is obvious. Pizza leftover can be converted into delicious lunch in lunch box replacing sandwiches. Use Pizza into kabobs by adding some fresh ingredients like tomato, olives, hams, cheese, etc to make it yummy.

3- LEFTOVER CORN FRITTERS- Have you ever had grilled corn fritters? If not than now its the time to try it out. Instead of wasting leftover corns try out making corn fritters. This will take up the corn on new level.

4- SPAGHETTI SANDWICHES- If you have leftover spaghetti and meat balls then don’t worry. Turn that pasta into spaghetti sandwiches. Add some more cheese for increased taste and you can also add basil flavors to add more flavor and taste.

5- HOTDOG BUN SANDWICH MELT- If you have some left hotdog buns then don’t waste time in thinking what to do. Just turn it into yummy Italian melt. It is said that hotdog buns can only be used in hotdogs so come out of this thinking and turn it into skinny sandwiches.

6- LEFTOVER COFFEE ICE CUBES- There must be some left coffee in the morning after serving everyone then why waste it. Ice it up in small cubes and use it in your coffee in next up of coffee. Also you can use it in various dishes to increase flavors.