Do You Like to Criticize?

Do You Like to Criticize?
Do you like to criticize? It is not nice for people to always criticize some thing or someone’s actions.
Are you someone that likes to criticize? Do you criticize the way others drive their cars?
Do you criticize when someone stutters whilst reading the news on TV?
Do you criticize all the time, and don’t even realize that you are doing so?
Sometimes a person criticizing can cause a lot of ill feelings and damage to the other persons’ self-esteem.
This is so wrong and should be avoided at all costs. Often a bully will criticize something that you have done just to see what you reactions will be.
At the end of each day if you look back on your day can you pinpoint all the times that you moaned or criticized about something or someone?
Try this out too find out whether you are someone that likes to criticize a lot.
Sometimes we do not even realize that we are criticizing or just being a “Mona Lisa”. Moan, moan, moan all day long.
I feel that if we do criticize someone or something that they are doing, we should first be able to put ourselves in their shoes. Only if we are absolutely sure that we could do it better them then do we have the right to criticize.
It is so much easier to rather say well done and better luck next time. Learn to compliment and encourage others, rather than to criticize.
Remember to concentrate more on what the person has done right and not what they have done wrong.
When you can put yourself the other persons’ shoes and feel what it is like to be criticized this well help you understand better.
No one likes to be criticized, it makes you feel stupid and demoralized and can sometimes even affect you self-esteem. Do you like to criticize?
Hope you are all having a great day so far.
Kathy Atkinson
Image from Pixabay