Reki cleanses the chakra


What is Reiki?

Reiki is a form of natural healing that uses Universal energy to help heal the body’s ailments. The more it is practiced, the stronger the flow of the energy becomes. It is practiced for many reasons. It is a spiritual practice, but not a religion. Reiki practitioners do use meditation and other spiritual practices to help strengthen and control the flow of the energies. Some people practice, only for spiritual growth and understanding.It teaches Universal love and oneness.
It is thought the more one practices, the stronger the flow of Universal flow of energy becomes worldwide. So in a way practicing helps the whole world.

Reiki can also be practiced for healing purposes. The universal energies remove spiritual blockages and cleanse the chakras. Once the chakras are free from blockages the energy flows better making one healthier.

Benefits of Practicing Reiki

Practicing Reiki helps in many areas of one’s life. Besides being an amazing spiritual growth  practice, It has many health benefits. It can be very beneficial to personal growth and understanding. Practicing  helps reduce stress. It teaches you how to calm both the mind and the body to help you understand your spirit better. It helps you to become more self-awareness. You can also do a lot of self-healing by practicing.  Every time the Universal energies flow through you, you are healing yourself.

In some spiritual health practices, it is believed that most sicknesses come from blocked or stagnant energy in the chakras. Reiki teaches you how to remove these energy blockages and get your energies flowing again. Removing energy blockages may take more than one  treatment, depending on the size and reason for the blockages. Some blockages are caused by major trauma and take many sessions to heal. Once these blockages are cleared out, you will not believe how great you feel.

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