Bitcoin The New Generation Currency


The generation of currency through electronic equipment is the crypto-currency. It was way back in 2008 Satoshi Nagamoto wrote a script to generate currency through his computer. This was passed to different engineers and was developed with more people using this process. First it was not accepted by people and the government. Later with many requests crypto-currency was accepted for transaction purpose. Bitcoin is the highest paid currency and is playing a big role in share market. At once the currency was priced at $1100 per Bitcoin. It then reduced to $245.00 per Bitcoin. In the starting stage a simple computer processor could generate bitcoins. But, in years it is now only with super processors a bitcoin can be generated. There are many methods to get Bitcoins online. The first method is to buy the coin and save it in the future to sell the product when the conversion rate is high. The second method is through mining. It is very easy to mine with high end systems. The third method is to collect the bitcoin from free sites by solving captches. It is more an interesting factor to earn money online with patience is the key to success. It is also found that we can recharge our mobile and also purchase items from stores through BITCOINS. BITCOIN ATM is also available in many places that have made the individuals to get money easily. The value of 1 BITCOIN is equal to 100000000 SATOSHI. Currency has entered the Indian Market with more people entering the e-currency day by day. The main disadvantage of Bitcoin is the fluctuation of the value in the market. One day it will be in the peak of values and the other day it may go down badly.