Do you think clixsense is a boon?

Hey guys. I am back here. Its been a great time that I am here. I hope that i lost great friends at this time. I am sorry, but I was really busy with my works in the humanities.  I am having a great time in there as i got 25$ from there in a week. As I always say  writing is my passion. So I am back here.

Clixsense is one of the best parts site on the internet. It’s famous as it is a 0 investment site. Till now in a week i got 1.86$ in my balance.

The site is as simple as other PTC sites. Just view ads. Daily they give 30 ads in which 1 ad is of 0.01$ and al the remaining is about 0.001$.  Also they are running a contest to The Clix grid. There you get 30 chances to find out the lucky grid. If your luck is with you, you will get 10$/5$. There are even small gifts of 0.10$, 0.25$. So the chances are 50-50.  I got 0.10$ at my first click. But after that never got a penny.

Another feature of Clixsense is that of paid surveys. If you are a non USian, you will earn  low. Most of the surveys show that you are not eligible for this survey.  But some surveys are working. That’s why I reached the landmark of almost 2$.  You must heck out my older post about these.

The only thing that dissatisfies me is that even upgrading to a premium member, i am not getting anything much from here. The earnings are too low. But if you use more than 2/3 PTC websites, It’s really useful for you.

For me Clixsense is really a boon.  What is your opinion.

Have  a great day.