Best Destinations to Travel in 2016

Best Destinations to Travel in 2016

One of the most probable tour guides of the year, Best in Travel 2016 is the yearly survey of the destinations that Lonely Planet recommends for 2016.The collection “shows not the places where travelers head next year, but our team determined that they should visit,” says Tom Hall, editor of Lonely Planet.The country should visit next year is Botswana, which the Lonely Planet team called “wild Africa at its best.”

‘Wild’ shows

Botswana has “some of the most wildlife spectacles on Earth”, from elephants and antelopes, large cats, and African wild dogs.It is also recommended the Okavango Delta and the Kalahari Desert, both “iconic African landscapes and

vast expanses of wilderness.”The country number 4 on the list is the Pacific island nation of Palau, a little archipelago of some 200 islands of limestone as well as volcanic stone covered with rich green and turquoise waters bounded by forests.

Be a pioneer

The motto of the traveler office of Greenland is “Being a pioneer.” Picking up the torch, Lonely Planet is encouraging travelers to venture north by choosing as his ninth pick.It is an expensive trip for the majority. The lack of roads means spending by helicopter and boat, but “few places as magnificent landscapes are combined, the clarity of light and the brute force of nature.”Topping the list of regions is recommended Transylvania in Romania. Lonely Planet says there is more to the area with vampire lore, Saxon villages and fortified churches.The Carpathian Mountains offer plenty of opportunities for caving, hiking and skiing. In addition, there are cafes in Brasov, Sighisoara and Sibiu. Lonely Planet recommends the student city of Cluj-Napoca for nightlife.

Exile Island Napoleon

At number 10 among the top regions is the island of St. Helena. The remote island of exile of Napoleon tourism will open next year with the arrival of a new airport.Amid the promotion of tourism after the thaw in relations with the United States, the best region to visit Cuba in 2016 -World Site by UNESCO is the ViƱales Valley, a picturesque valley full of “towering pines and cliffs limestone “.

Kotor, best city to visit in 2016

The coastal town of Kotor in Montenegro was recently named by the captain of Royal Caribbean Cruises as one of the most beautiful harbors in the world.Now he has been honored by Lonely Planet, which places leading the list of best cities for 2016.The historical city is known for its Venetian-style architecture.Other cities included are the port city of Fremantle in Western Australia and its Festival 110 years old, and George Town, gourmet capital of Malaysia.