Caring for a sick spouse

When your spouse is sick, your first response in caring for him/her is to do anything in your power to make him/her feel better. Of course, you can’t completely make him/her feel well. However, there are little steps you can take that will help ease his/her suffering. These steps include minor things on your part. They can include such little things as the following:

1. You should make sure that he/she has clean bed sheets. When you have to lie in bed, it always feel better to lie on clean smelling bed sheets.
2. Offer your spouse plenty to drink throughout the day and evening. This can include both hot and cold drinks. This will help keep him/her dehydrated. Plus, this will be especially grateful if your spouse has a scratchy throat.
3. Offer to make or buy your spouse his/her favorite soups. Again, this will help with the dehydration.
4. Offer to rub your spouses neck, feet, legs, back, etc. Many times body aches will develop when one is sick. Do remember to wash your hands thoroughly with soap after giving any massages to a sick person to help avoiding getting sick yourself.
5. Offer to sit and watch television with your spouse, if he/she is up to the company. People often tend to get bored while they are sick. You may also want to offer to play cards with them or any other quiet activity that they may enjoy.
6. If your spouse is cold, offer him/her blankets and socks to help keep him/her warm. You should also check his/her temperatures every so often.
7. If your spouse is hot, offer to wipe him/her down with cold compresses. You should again monitor his temperature every so often.
8. Help your spouse monitor when he/she is due for medications.

Photo Source: Pixabay