Countries I want to visit

Countries I want to visit

Countries I want to visit

Of course, first place for me takes Italy –  the subtle Mediterranean gem. Italy – a country particularly rich in history, culture and art layers. From the snow-capped peaks to the sunny Adriatic Sea, Italy brimming with magic and historical heritage and yet undiscovered beauty. Italy – this is not a country, it is a souls home, blessed with beauty, artistic spirit and cultural identity.

Morocco – country with famous Casablanca. Every traveler will be attracted by big and small spice markets, surrealistic landscapes, breathtaking mosques and world-class surfing. Moroccan cuisine is hard to overcome, because it is blend of Arab, African, Persian and French cuisines.

Canada – this country in my opinion can offer all possible impressions to travelers – from camping in the wild Vancouver island’s wastelands to luxury hotels in Montreal. In winter you can take a ride with bobsleigh sledge in tracks of Quebec.

Japan – it is worth to visit such cities of Rising Sun country as Tokyo, Kyoto and Osaka. Especially Kyoto, where is more than 2 thousands of breathtaking Buddhist temples and stupas, one of the most interesting and the most beautiful city of the world.

Ireland – there are so much attractions – from hotels located in oldest castles to the famous pubs and greenest landscapes, that is a real refreshment for the feelings. You can rent a car and drive the world’s longest road along the ocean – Wild Atlantic Way.

 Portugal – this Spanish neighbor is small, but influential. Its culture, cuisine and language are exceptional. In the summer you can visit the western part of Portugal – Comporta village, which is like the Portuguese Ibiza. None of the journey to this country does not end without a glass of port wine from the Duero Valley.
Mexico – its culinary heritage is not inferior to Spain and Italy. And most beautiful beaches with white sand, luxurious hotels.

Netherlands this country especially attracts a youth. But everyone can drive to Amsterdam, Rotterdam and other amazing corners of this stunning country, visit the great museums, taste amazing coffee and admire the breathtaking scenery. Stay at the newly built Hotel Waldorf Astoria, which consists of six building complex with Guerlain spa.
Sri Lanka – everyone can newly find oneself if feels lost – pack up backpack, get into delightfully dingy train and go where the eyes leads. Buy traditional food from vendors, gaze into infinity of tea fields, visit such attractions as the Golden Temple of Dambulla and the famous Pettah Market Place.

Vietnam – it was like another planet that can easy change you. It is enough full day to sip Vietnamese coffee and eat “pho” soup, but if you crave for adventures, climb into the world’s largest cave Hang Son Dong in the Fong Nia and Ke Bang national park.

South Africa – travelers are attracted not only by the impressive Table Mountain and luxury resorts, but also the unique vineyards of Franschhoek and safaris in Kruger National Park.