Back To Work, Back To School

The recent APEC Summit in the Phillipines gave many a much wanted break from work and from school.  Several days were declared holiday and of course everyone rejoiced at this news.  School was put on hold for around 4 days.  Work was supple des for 2.  Add to this the weekend and you have a long time to spend with your family.

But, alas, the break is over! And as we drag our feet to work and school we are rudely taken away from the rest and relaxation.  Well, nothing lasts forever.  So here we are going about our normal life still holding on to the long break that came and now is gone.  But take with you the memories of the moments when you found a bit of paradise amid the chaotic world.  Yes, the reality of work and of studies are here again.  But that is life.  Now you can embellish them with with beautiful thoughts and memories.

Do not cling to the past in the expense of what is the present.  Remember them and let it fuel the daily walks you take in life.  It is, after all your life, your present and your future.

Work and school are here and this is the reality.  Embrace it.  Do the best you can.  Although you want to extend the break a little longer you cannot.  Although you want to take a little more time to adjust, you have to face the reality.  Get out of bed with emu instead spirit and a calmer mind.  You took a break and rested.  You got the chance to relax.  Now take all these and fuel it to perform better.

I know how hard it into go back to work or school after a long break.  But I know as well that it Issa necessary part of our lives.  The break is a welcomed rest.  And now we have to move forward again.