Good Bad Cat

Friends, I am in no mood to hurt any cat lovers with my article. So, in advance I apologize for my thought, but I can’t change my perception over the matter. One thing for sure, if there was any award or recognition for being a cat hater, I would have got that. I was not like this always, but something happened long ago that changed my life and made me the way I am. I would love to share the incident with all of you.

Friends, from my childhood, I have always been a foodie. I love to cook and serve my family. Interestingly, years of practice have made some impact on my cooking skills and people started liking my food. It also made me more indulge in the matter. Once, I was invited for a contest in my neighborhood. People were encouraging me to take up the challenge and win the contest. I took up the challenge and practiced my skills. I made the dish that I wanted to serve in the contest and my parents said the dish was very well made. I was sure to give a tough competition if not win the contest. Since of small budget, the contest allowed the participants to cook the dish at their home and bring it to the judges at the specified time to be tested and judged.

On the day of contest I woke up early in the morning, did my morning workout and started preparing for the dish. I made it and kept it on the table inside casserole to keep it worm. I went upstairs to change my dress. In the mean time, a cat came out of nowhere and tried to have the dish. Finally, when the cat was not able to open the casserole it started to push it off the table and was successful in the operation. The dish was ruined, the gravy spilled out and the cat had that gravy.

I lost the contest, and from the day onward, started hating cats.