8 cookies,2 Turkeys and 1 gift card

We had 8 cookies,2 turkeys and 1 gift card! We signed up for a charity dinner one of the churches around here I don’t know which one came knocking door to door  and asking people if they wanted the free thanksgiving box dinner.

We said sure why not it was free and it would save us money and they didn’t want anything except for your name and contact information. So we filled out the form and they called us to confirm. Thanksgiving day we will get a box with a turkey and all of the side fixings to make a meal for the family.

However we got that and then we got an invitation to have dinner with my wife’s family which is only two minutes away walking. So we had said yes we didn’t want to eat the holiday meal alone if we didn’t have to.

The neighbor knocked on our back door and said that he was in the mood to bake. He said he felt like Betty Crocker and made cookies from scratch and had more than they could eat so he brought us some. They were really good and homemade very thoughtful of him.

Today we had someone else bring us a turkey and also gave us a gift card with a large amount of money on the gift card. The card was not to a store it was a visa gift card which we can use almost anywhere that accepts visa or gift cards.

So now we have enough food to cook for the holiday and hold us over for a while. We had some fresh baked goods for dessert and have the gift card to use for anything we might need. We can even use it to pay bills. Which is what we did. We saved half of the funds for bills and are saving the rest for any little items we may need in between runs to the supermarket between now and our next paycheck.

Its a long weekend no school until Monday and no work for me I don’t work the holidays anymore I make sure to spend them with my family. We have everything we need and now we can just relax and enjoy the holidays and one anothers company.