A Helpful Nudge from the Christian Life Program

For the past several Saturday’s now, my wife and I attended the Christian Life Program (CLP) organized by the Couples For Christ in our community.  In the beginning I was there just because I said yes to my wife.  But as we went through several Saturday’s talking about the Christian faith I became more involved.  There were more introspections about my life than I could have ever imagined.  But I did it because it made me feel better.  I have been feeling depressed for several years now.  There were days when I woke up in the middle dale of the night just filled with sorrow and despair.  I can put my finger on why.  But the feeling ng was intense and getting worse.  There was not a day that went by that the dark desolate feeling was eating me inside.  Of course I hid it with my usual perky personality.  But I knew that people saw a difference in me.

Slowly, I get to understand and accept that being a Christian is more than having a baptismal certificate.  It is a lifestyle and a member mindset.  The community in the CLP helped me learn more about faith and how to renew my relationship with God.  Do I still wake up gloomy ans full of sadness in the middle of the night? Of course I do.  But unlike before, I have more confidence turning to God for some help.

We each have our own belief and faith.  And it is not my intention to sway anyone into changing your faith.  Rather, I am writing here about the power of faith and believing in something(or someone).  In my case it is my God whomI have rekindled a once lost relationship.

We have yet to finish several sessions to complete our journey.  But I have my wife to thank for giving the nudge to walk in the right direction.  And I appreciate the support of the Couples For Christ community extended to my family.

I am working through the difficulties of life with a firm belief that my life is nothing without God.