Still Moving …

Hello, all!  It’s a rainy morning here in California–about eleven twenty-four by my computer clock as I type this.

I have two shops open where I am trying to sell my counted cross stitch bookmarks — one on Etsy and another on Scott’s Market Place.  When I discovered Scott’s Market Place I thought I would try selling there also I could see which one did better (though sadly right now I have to say neither, as the last (and only) sale I made on Etsy was in June and the last (and only) sale I made on Scott’s Market Place was in September. ;p  I suppose one day I’ll close one of the shops, though at the moment I’m not sure which one.   Right now I’m thinking it may be the Etsy one, as on Scott’s Market Place I get free advertising–I note over on MyLot on the sidebar there are ads for Scott’s Market Place and some of the products they feature are mine. 😉

Any way, I discovered the other day that I hadn’t put all of the bookmarks that I have in my Etsy shop into my Scott’s MarketPlace Shop — so today I “moved” another one from Etsy to Scott’s Market Place. 😉  The bookmark pictured is the one that I “moved”.  Soon I need to be ” moving ” some more.

This bookmark was a bit challenging to make due to all of the different shades of yellow and orange, but I think it came out nice.  I love the saying, on it, too. 🙂  This time around, finished and with the fringe on each end, it came out to be about six and one fourth inches long. 🙂

I really like cross stitching–I find it relaxing, and I do it a lot when I’m sitting in front of the television with Mom in the evening.  I just wish that I could start making some more sales. ;(

Are there any other home buisness / Etsy / Scott’s Market Place / other selling venue people out there who might give me some advice?