I Miss The Cold Weather When Christmas Is Near

Christmas is just around the corner and everyone is all psyched up on this.  In the Philippines, the celebration actually starts during the “ber” months.  As early as September, malls already play Christmas songs.  It takes a break for a while to celebrate Halloween.  After that, it is full speed ahead to Christmas.  But unlike the previous years the temperature has not gone down as we expected it.  Suffice to say, I miss the cold weather during this season.

The experts say that we will not expect a cold season.  And boy are they right.  I remember enjoying temperatures from 18 degrees Celsius up to around 25 degrees on the average.  The early morning breeze usually is nippy.  However, it is not as cold as I wanted it to be.  In fact, it is just like any ordinary day.  The experts say that this is because of the El Nino Phenomenon.  Simply put, it is the change in the temperature of the sea which affects the weather particularly the temperature big time.

In spite of the lack in cool breezes and mornings that will pull you back to bed, I still am looking forward to a wonderful Christmas.  After all, this is a family celebration in our country.  Many families come together during this season if not any other special occasions in the year.  Christmas time is definitely family time.  But in this season, it is minus the cold weather we are used to.

Sometimes we have expectations that just makes the whole event less wonderful.  But Christmas is Christmas.  whether it is enjoying a nippy weather or just the usual humidity that we are used to.  After all this is a tropical country.  I do not mind if there is little cold air in the morning or at night.  It does not really diminish the fact that Christmas is near and everyone is gearing up fr this special season.