Dynamite And A Sensitive Stomach

Yup, I ate a dynamite earlier today and with my sensitive stomach I took a huge hit.  Do not worry I am still alive.

There is a snack we call dynamite.  For one, it really packs a punch when you are not ready.  It is made of long chili stuffed with cheese.  Then it is wrapped in  spring roll wraps then deep fried.  There are several variation to this awesome snack.  Some put in ground pork or beef as stuffing.  The one I ate earlier is just magnificent.  the stuffing was made of ground beef.  The cheese is not the usual cheddar.  I think it was mozzarella.  And I love this cheese especially when it becomes stringy  when you bite it.  It was deep fried to perfection!

I always loved spicy food.  In fact, I enjoy Bicol Express, a delicacy from the Bicol region in our country.  But more on that next time.  Although I enjoy spicy food, I have to layoff these spicy treats.  Around 2 years ago I was diagnosed with acid reflux.  And spicy food and acid reflux do not go together well.  As such, I only take a small bite whenever I can – or should I say when my wife is not looking.

Today, I braved the possibility of acid rushing up into my digestive tract and making me cringe in pain.  Surprisingly the risk paid off.  Oh, I forgot to mention that high acidity usually triggers my migraine.  So I am all good…so far.  I do not feel the effects of the spicy food.

The things you do just to taste something you really miss.  In my case the hot, spicy flavors my palette has been longing for a long time now.  Of course it comes with risks.  Today I think I am all good.

So here is to dynamite and beating my acid reflux.  Craving 1,a cid reflux zero.  Surely, I can’t rely on odds since I usually pay the price several hours later.