30 concrete ways to reconnect with your significant other- part 2

Hello friends!!
How you all are doing, hope everyone is doing okay!!
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Here I would like to share some ways to make sure your relationship is more Netflix and chill.
1- Try sleeping naked with your partner.
2- Discover a new workout together.
3- Laugh together while visiting a comedy show or watching a stand-up comedy shows.
4- Foreplay is very important before having sex, so take your time in foreplay.

5- Consider that the bedroom a dead zone after hours, which means no phones, laptops or tablets.
6- Take a cooking glass.
7- Read books together.
8- Discuss your sexual fantasies with each other.
9- Spend lazy afternoon in bed.

10- Get overly dressed u for an inexpensive date at an old-school dinner.
11- Take long walk together.
12- Catch a double feature.
13- Take a dance class together if possible.
14- Leave unexpected notes for each other around the house which will remind you about your partner love.

15- Experiment with new pleasure promoters.
16- Play hooky together- try to spend time by taking leave from your boss.
17- Build a cozy blanket fort.
18- Ask your partner how he/she is doing and also listen to them.

There are times which generally comes after you get too much involved in your work. This phase comes specially in a marriage relationship. both the people get so much involved in the relationship that they forget their love for their partner or they don’t get time to express their love. These above tips if you will apply truly from your heart than you can make your relationship more strong and can create a romantic moments back to your relationship and you will be happy forever friends.

i hope these tips helps you!!