Cold Winter Morning Soliloquoy

Morning time offers so many options. My cat chooses one — curling up under the front room sofa. However, winter mornings seem to be cramped, mostly with cold breeze and dull sunshime.
So, I decided to go walk by the waterside. There is not much of a flow in the cold months and the fishermen also do not seem enthusiastic. Winter mornings bring a curtain of dampness on all things. Maybe it has to do with the drop in temperature, maybe it is the decrease in light.
So, like every year, this year too we decided to visit the warmer regions in the southetn plains. All regions in the plains have relatively mild winters. The food offerings too are designed to provide stimulation for the metabolism. The food is accompanied by spicy chutney and hot curries.
Spicy food on a cold winter morning is very uplifting. Yet, one does not want to dash around and play games. One wamts to sit around on the sofa and doze. My cat beat me to it. Anyway, I wized up to that one and I have taken steps to get the sofa tomorrow. I intend to wake up and move straight to the sofa. This way the feline creature will have to look for an alternative solution. Hope it freezes to death — or almost death. That will teach it not to occupy the sofa.
Apart from such silly things, the winter morning holds great promise — of spring. But that is as yet months away. Maybe we could go hiking up the hills. I do not know if my cat will like that.
So there goes another cold and damp winter morning. Hope yours is better.