24 relationship red flags you should never ignore- part 4

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Here i would like to continue my topic with few more signs.
1- THEY DEMAND YOUR PHONE, EMAIL AND SOCIAL MEDIA PASSWORDS- If your partner is asking for your passwords and phones, and then the first thing you should think about is, why they want to date someone whom they don’t trust? Everyone in life needs some space and there is nothing wrong. If you don’t want to share your passwords then this doesn’t mean that you are cheating.

2- THEY GUILT TRIP YOU EVERY CHANCE THEY GET- Sometimes it happens that things goes wrong, but it is not necessary that someone has to bear the blame. It can be destiny or misfortune. But sometimes, some partners always blame their partners and make them personally responsible and guilty for all the misfortunes.

3- THEY HAVE DIFFERENT FINANCIAL VALUES THAN YOU AND REFUSE TO DO ANYTHING ABOUT IT- Every people have their own thinking about money use and its values which they have got to learn from their parents. Lots of couples are there who totally differentiate the way of financial use and compromise. They also don’t discuss about the use of money and the value.

4-  THEY MAKE YOU FEEL STUPID- The worst people on the planet are those who gleefully gaslight their partners. They used to act smart and make you feel embarrassing. Also they always refuse to listen your ideas and thoughts and make their opinion individually. This is a sign of end of relationship or lack of love.

5- THEY MAKE FUN OF YOU DURING SEX- Intimacy is the most emotional and serious situation between partners. This is the time in which we can show our emotional side and love to your partner. But making fun f your partner during these moments is something which is really awkward for your partner. This simply means that they are having fun of your feelings.