Why cooking therapy may work for you

Many people that love to cook have  told me there are many reasons they love to cook. Cooking can be a type of therapy and here are some of them in my opinion. Stress of the day can lead to health problems. Learning ways to combat such stress may help over all health.

Cooking feeds the soul I have been told. It  helps the mind put a focus on finding foods that their loved ones will enjoy. Putting a smile on  their loved ones that have tasted the wonderful cooking is enough to help ease stresses that are in their lives.

Foods that tend to help relax  many people that love to cook and want to feel relaxed include:

Fried Chicken




Potato dishes


Fried chicken smells great while cooking which will in turn help put the cook into a great frame of mind. When a cook is in a great frame of mind the meal or dish will turn out great in my opinion.

Casseroles  dishes can be full of many great comfort foods. Potatoes are one great comfort food.  Cheese is another great addition to add to most casseroles dishes. Cheese makes comfort foods taste even better than without it.

Barbecuing may be a great way to ease a cook’s stresses of the day. Barbecuing is usually outside, and that alone should boost the moods of most cooks.

Pizza is a dish that brings many people together whether it be a small gathering  to a large amount of people attending  such an event.

The aroma of great foods should lift the cook’s mood that will be fixing such foods. The touch of certain foods are relaxing. Chopping foods that smell great may help to ease the minds of many cooks preparing a dish or a meal.

Cooking can be even more fulfilling if this activity is done with a friend or family member. This may help build better bonds with the ones involved in this great activity.

Cooking tends to take up alot of time. Spending time doing this great activity  can help idle hands and mind stay busy while relieving their stresses.

The author’s reflection  is:

In today’s society, people are trying to ease the stresses of their daily lives. Cooking maybe the answer for some people.

My daughter tends to feel restless a lot of her day. When she cooks along with me, her day seems brighter. She cannot wait for others to compliment her efforts in the kitchen.  This activity helps me as her mother unwind as well.

Think about cooking a dish that will put back comfort into your body and soul–it may be the cure for what ails you.

The joy of cooking can turn into a great hobby so why not do some cooking therapy on yourself.