24 relationship red flags you should never ignore- part 3

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Here i would like to continue my topic with few more signs.
1- THEY’RE CRUEL TO THEIR PARENTS- Everyone struggles with their folks sometimes, but never ignore their behavior on their parents. They lack the respect for their parents. If they can bear to be super harsh and ungrateful to the people who literally gave them life, what does that say about how they’ll treat other who gets close to them?

2- THEIR ATTITUDE CHANGES ON A DIME- being cruel sometimes is acceptable in a relationship. But if your partner is being cruel to you the whole day and also pushing your emotional limits, without explanation or apology, then you should think about it deeply because it can be a sign of end of relationship.

3- THEY’RE ON A DIFFERENT SLEEP SCHEDULE THAN YOU ARE- It can be sometimes acceptable that your partner have some work to do so they need some more or it can also be that your partner is very tired and need a sleep badly and they go to bed early. But if this is happening almost every day at night, this simply means they have no more interest in you. You should think about it.

4- THEY’RE SECRETIVE ABOUT LITTLE THINGS- We say that there shouldn’t be kept any secret between partners. This is the only relation in which there is no place of hiding things. But if your partner is keeping secrets on little things, then you must think about what they will be doing with big things.

5-THEY CHEATED ON THEIR LAST PARTNER WITH YOU- This can be a lesson you should learn if your partner has cheated his/her last partner with you. You can simply understand this that if they can cheat their last partner and start a new relation, then after a lag of time; they can do the same with you.