Smart Phones, Who Will Win the Battle?

smartphone-First there was Apple with iPhone then Google comes along with Android. Then sometime in 2009 Nokia announced Symbian. And let us not forget about Blackberry with its own operating system, that has been around since 1999 with various PDA’s and other devices. And now there’s Samsung with it’s own OS (Tizen) which like Android is also based on the Linux Kernel. So far Tizen has some pretty good reviews that I’ve seen

If you could change one thing about any Smart Phone Operating System, what would it be?

For me personally, I would eliminate all of the proprietary software from the various manufacturers and/or carriers. I believe that people will find the apps that they want or need on their phones without any problems. Both the Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store have become very user friendly and easy to manage, so why do we need all of these pre-installed apps? I would prefer a bare OS (plus the necessary software to make the phone operate,) with only the app store pre-installed and without any other additions so I can add what I want to add instead of the carrier or manufacturer pre-installing what they THINK I might need or want. Let me be the one to choose my browser as well. Maybe I want Chrome, Firefox, or Opera, but let me be the one to decide which browser I want on my phone.gadgets

So I wonder who will lead the market in 2016. Is Apple going to lose any of its clientele? And what about Google, will they lose some to Samsung’s new OS? Who will win this battle for technology? How about Blackberry, Will they still be around after 2016?