Making money with Entropia Universe

12191043_1517900381863954_46818430843967392_nEntropia Universe is first an foremost a downloadable Massively Multiplayer First to Third Person Shooter, it was first released back in 2003 but had a bit of downtime and was re-released with greatly updated graphics and better gameplay.

The game features several different paths you can play, either crafting, hunting, mining, trading, pirating in space or owning land which you can then place a hunting/mining/buying tax on.

This is a very interesting game and doesn’t require a lot of thought to play it, you can join societies (the games version of alliances or guilds) or strike out on your own, the way the game plays is smooth, with some of the most interesting looking creatures I have ever seen.

There is an option to invest into the game, every 100 PED (Project Entropia Dollars) equates to 10 USD, however you by no means have to invest into the game to be able to play it.

I personally played without investing for the first 2 weeks before deciding to keep playing it or not, at which point I invested 20 USD and since then have made 910 PED (91 USD).

This game is in and of itself a bit of a gamble at times however, and I would find it dishonest of myself if I didn’t tell you that there is as much of a risk of making a loss as there is of making a profit.

To understand what I mean by this I will explain just how the system works.

For hunters as an example (I am a hunter) you buy guns of which has a durability level which when reaches zero it will become unusable, you also buy armour to reduce damage taken which needs repairing and you buy ammunition, all with PED.

The aim is to then go out and hunt a specific creature of your choice, that you can kill in an economic manner, by which I mean, you don’t spend more money killing than you receive back from it etc, there are no algorithms to dictate chances of success as far as that goes however as for the most part creatures dodge your shots and sometimes you will find nothing to loot from them and or they drop a wholly useless material called nova crystal.

At the end of the day though this is a great game, there are methods of earning in game money without having to spend a penny and whilst they can be laborious they can pay off rather well in the long run.

If you are still interested then check out my YouTube channel here