Book writing wishes and dreams

Many people struggle in life. I am one of those girls that keeps getting tossed into the deep end. I have been up and down trying to figure things out. I am 20 years of age with a great school record but I can’t even get a job as a waitress. I am pushing myself to self study and find many means of income.


My one dream is to be able to publish the books I write. I want to become a famous book writer but honestly, where do I start? I have no moneyes and nothing to my name. I wish to get out there but getting there is the problem.


I have a great life and a great family but I am still struggling. I wonder to myself most of the time “Where is the food coming from?” Or “How are we gonna get through this time?”


I wonder if any people out there go through the same stress and worries. I am young but I can tell you. Life is not easy and it’s not to be taken lightly. But don’t let it get you down either. There is a lot of greatness in this world and a lot of light.


I am a hardworking, positive and enthusiastic person. I know that if I keep moving forward and keep working hard I will find my way.

I hope to all that read this, don’t hate on me. It is my first post and with time I will improve and possibly you guys will get a chance to read some of the books I am writing.

My books generally revolve around adventure, fantasy and romance. I have a great love for fantasy novels. My favorite writer of all time is Terry Pratchet. Terry Pratchet had a way with story telling that I wish to achieve one day. I hope to be as great as people like Terry Pratchet himself.