Winter is not a reason for less jogging

Ice, snow and the thermometer column below zero degrees? Could this lead to give up a habit of jogging so hard acquired during the warm season? No, you can continue your jogging even if the thermometer column dropped down less than 15 degrees Celsius, but it requires a lot of preparation and planning your jogging.

When I am going for the jogging in the winter, I just put on evaporating sweat shirt with long sleeves, warm jumper, windproof and waterproof jacket. On the feet – warmed leggings, thicker socks. Shoes simple, I am jogging with them in the summer time too. Although this year I will test special for the winter. Of course I never do not forget gloves and cap. It is important that during the cold you must first feel cool, because jogging you will warm up and if thickly dressed you can overheat.

Cold is not so frightful. It is frightful wind, ice and snow. During strong wind it is not recommend joining at all, better to wait until it will calm down. The ice and snow are especially dangerous in the dark. Although in the day it may also not be so visible. The body through the snow automatically fleeing otherwise and work the other leg muscles than if there is good clean road.

Jogging right in the winter time, you can not invest into special clothing. Instead of warm leggings perfectly fit underpants and sports suits on them. At the top is enough simple T-shirt, on them to put up a shirt with long sleeves, jumper and jacket. If you choose cotton T-shirt, it will not let evaporate your sweat, so it will be somewhat awkward. But that’s the only drawback. In order to protect your skin at the bigger cold, you can anoint a special cream for skin.

Jogging in cold weather it is needed to focus more on the legs. If to freeze feet in winter, often occur muscles, Achilles tendon injury and inflammation of ligaments or sprains. In warm season muscle fibers are more elastic, so it can better adapt to changing athlete’s movements. When the weather gets colder, the muscle fibers become less elastic, despite facing the same charge as in the summer. To avoid such injury before joining it is good to carry out more intensive warm-up than during the warmer time ans wear warmer clothing.¬†Warm-up before or after jogging needs to perform in warm rooms, not outdoors.