snowing, deer and cedars

Snowing today gonna rain tomorrow

It is snowing outside this morning we woke to a white snow world with blowing snowflakes falling down to the ground.

As the weather folk predicted we woke up to snow this morning it is still snowing but not a lot it may snow between half inch to maybe 2 inches.   My husband is getting the plow down in case we need it.  But the  likely hood is we won’t much as it is forecast to warm up to 45 degrees this afternoon and evening and rain and it is looking to rain for the next 10 days and stay in the 40’s.     While I am not a fan of winter or snow.    We do need a snow pack this winter.    So do hope it snows in the upper elevations of 3400 feet and above.

Snow pack reduces the fire danger come summer months.   Living in the woods and lower foothills this is a concern for us.    We do have a nearby creek and we do have a good well.   We hope to put in a couple places 1000 gallon or better holding water tanks to pump water into for fire control we hope next spring and summer.   In addition my husband and son have been cutting brush and trees further back away from the house and outbuildings.

But right now we have snow and shovels and plows are what we will be using.   We have a woodshed full of good dry wood for burning and good tires for the cars and chains if need.    Shovels are waxed for shoveling snow trails.     I know children are delighted with the snow.

Skiiers of the local area are delighted it is snowing as are the ski lodges that are in the area.  Many skiiers will be driving up to ski on the fresh powder of snow.

With the snow they can go sledding and tubing or play in the snow making snow angels and building snowmen and forts and other snow playtime activities.  I do not have children living with me right now but the visit often so I try and keep the cookie jar full and when here hot cocoa or cider for them to come in and warm up.

Winter is here for a few months.    I have plenty of reading material and things to do.  I can sit and watch it snowing and watch the birds come to the feeder we have outside.  Are you a fan of winter and snow ?  Do you have your winter garb and things ready for the months ahead?    While we have snow, ice and winter I will be looking forward to spring and warmer weather.

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