He wants a hover board for Christmas

I have two sweet, ornery boys. My eldest son is twelve years old and my youngest son is eight years old. I had them make Christmas lists and my eldest son wants a hover board. I was like what the heck is that? So of course I got on line and did some research.  As a parent you want to get your children what they want for the holidays. You break your neck to do that for them even if it breaks you.

Sigh….I am torn… the mother in me wants to click on the tab and order it and stay excited to see his smiling face on Christmas morning..then I see the price. Almost three hundred dollars! Sweet baby Jesus! I almost choked on my sweet tea. Yes I am aware of what the holidays are about and presents are not what matters. I know this.  It is just that if I buy this for him then I will not be able to buy much more for him. He understands this one-hundred percent. It is me with the issue. I try to be fair with my boys and get them the same amount of things, but there is no way I can do that if I buy this hover board.

As I sit here typing this I think “you should not feel this way. ” The world is so focused on money and materialistic things and it should not matter.  It really shouldn’t I think for now I will see what I can do and do the best I can. I need to not worry about it.  Have an amazing day or night  everyone and stay warm! It is really cold here! Good luck with all of the writing as well.