21 advice on how to lose weight

Adhering to the future program, you can easily lose a few extra kilos, without experiencing excruciating hunger, which is typical for trendy diets. Tips are not complicated. Perhaps you do not even have to carry them all, so the effect will come much faster.
So, tune in to the implementation of the future program, and for the reason!

1.Chew carefully. Try to chew each bite of food at least 25 times before you send it to the belly. Two positive spillover effects are not long in coming: first, well-chewed food is digested more easily; secondly, there is a work of the gums, which prevents periodontal disease.

2.Two soft-boiled eggs. If you are going to visit or to a banquet, where probable a good dinner at home, eat two boiled soft-boiled eggs. This will supply a feeling of satiety, and you will be easier to resist the temptation.

3.Transition. Cottage cheese. You just can not give up the dessert? Be aware that it is very unsafe for your figure. So replace in its menu sweet compotes, pies in the cottage cheese diet.

4.Fasting days. Lose weight you will become automatically if often will arrange a fasting days: tea, cheese, potato. It may seem boring to you, if you prepare meals, giving free rein to their imagination.

5.FRYING PAN. You like fried? Then use a special Teflon frying pan for cooking which does not require fat.

6.Raw vegetables. Every day eat at least one dish made entirely of raw vegetables (carrots, cabbage, cucumbers). They are low-calorie and rich in vitamins.

7.TRANSPARENT slices. Cut the bread, sausage and cheese thin, transparent slices. Try a visual trick your stomach.

8.RICE DAY. Rice is low in sodium (binding fluid in the body), but a lot of potassium (expelling her). If at least once a week you have to arrange a day of rice (you can only add mineral neutral or alkaline water but not oil!), you will lose up to 1 kg of body fluids and end products of metabolism.

9.Small plates. Serve in small dishes. So you automatically eat less.

10.The shop only after lunch. Do not go to the store on an empty stomach. Otherwise you buy a product at a third more than is necessary for you and your family.

11.Holiday every day. You do not need no diet would be if you turned your every meal into a small holiday. So now you’ll never eat in front of the TV on. You enjoy the food. You digest it better. You lose weight.

12.Sweets as a reward. So far in your home to eat sweets, you do not lose a single kilogram. Hide all that can contribute to weight gain. Come up with a sort of ritual before you send in your mouth caramel another, perform some an unpleasant work for you.

13.A glass of water. 10 minutes before each meal, it is desirable to drink a glass of mineral water canteen. The stomach is filled, felt less hungry. In addition, you get minerals, speeds up digestion.

14.Cud. Bring your chewing gum, which is not added sugar. It will help blunt the feeling of hunger.

15.Fish Day. Arrange fish once a week day. Body’s need for vitamin D will be covered for a whole week. Fish, except for some species, is low in fat and saturates well. Marine fish also reduces cholesterol in the blood.

16.Dried fruits. Dried fruit should always be in your home, such as prunes, dried apples. Between meals, if you feel hungry, you can eat 34 dried plums, or the same amount of apple slices.

17.Usual juice. The whole day juice and nothing to eat. So you will lose 500 grams of extra weight. On this day: 3/4 liter of juice, plenty of table mineral water and herbal tea. But not arrange more than one such days a week.

18.Ripe apples. Apples are the perfect food. They soothe the nerves, fill the stomach, and improve digestion. One apple before a meal is enough.

19.BETTER MORE, BUT LESS. Eat at least 5 times a day.

20.Forget the salt. Salt retains water in the body. Instead, try to use spices. Furthermore, the salt is already present in all products.

21.Not a sin to have a drink. You can afford to 1/4 liters of wine a couple of times a week. But only choose dry wines with less sugar content.