When is the Right Time to Get Mad at the Office?

It has been five hours ago but I am still shaking with anger. I can’t help it. It was 4 O’Clock in the afternoon, Philippines Time when I was sitting in front of my computer rushing to finish my report when  I heard her talking on the phone in a loud voice. She was calling the other policemen to come to the station because nobody is there but her. I was there too but she said I wasn’t. I was there sitting for already 15 minutes or more. I went out to the nearby office at the other building to print out some documents. I stood up from my chair and went near her saying, “I am here.. I just went out to have some documents be printed.” Then she yelled at me. I was frightened and answered back. In fact she needn’t tell the others that I wasn’t there for in fact I was just there sitting in the office. Then she answered again until we ended up yelling to each other. I was wrong when I didn’t inform her I was going out but why didn’t she just sent me a message on my phone? Why did she have to assume I wasn’t in my office?

Well, it wasn’t the first time I overheard her talking about me behind my back. Maybe, I was just irritated and hurt. I was doing all the effort and suddenly here she is telling me they were commenting about me going out the office? Wasn’t I ordered to do transactions outside? So, now I figured out I should not be the one doing the chores now.. Maybe, she wanted to do it. Okay, let her do the work then. I won’t get bothered again.