Work and Health: speaking is better for the health!

Work and health: to speak is better for the heart
do you tend to delete yourself at work to avoid conflict?

It is often easier … but not necessarily good for the health of your heart.
More cardiac risk when one speaks less
Previous studies have shown that managing problems or conflicts at work silently or invisibly (that is to say without express feelings that unfair treatment triggers) was linked to cardiovascular risks. Swedish researchers therefore followed for years 2755 men without heart problems.

This study confirms that the link also exists between an erased behavior at work and heart disease events (sudden death, heart attack). It also shows that the risk is proportional: less men express anger or rebellion against injustice at work, their heart is most at risk. it can cause the arterial hypertension,heart stroke…
It is therefore important, as much for its heart health and psychological, to speak when one feels an injustice in the workplace (and probably also in the private, even though it was not the object of the study !).

Heart health is not, by far, the only reason why this strategy is advised. Indeed, in most cases, explain what is wrong is our best way to get those around us change. It is useless to wait for our leader and our colleagues read in our thoughts and decide … and more to do exactly what we like.

it is advised to act smart for the problem and not just site around and cause yourself  a heart disease also avoid the overreaction that cause more problem than the previous and even can cause you to loose your work and your health.

Your communication will be more effective when it is calm, personalized (no generalizations like “you always do this”), and especially addressed to the right person. It is probably more comfortable bitching against your head with your colleagues … but this has usually no effect.