What is the truth?

What is truth?

Truth is when you are being honest and you are telling the truth. But is the truth that you just told really the truth or not. Truth is not the same for all people. Some people will believe everything that you say to them. They think what you told them is the truth. So they will tell others and say that is the truth. And to them it is the truth. So see is what you hear really the truth or not.

Truth can also change with time.What is true today will not be true ten years from now. It will no longer be true. The truth changes because nothing stays the same. Not even the truth.

When stories are told from generation to generations. How do you know that one person changed something in the story. Than the story that you are being told is no longer the truth. How much of the story is the truth and how much of the story was made up to keep the story interestting for the next generation. The truth was there at one time. But how much of the story is true now. Which parts are true and which parts of the story is not true. No one knows what the truth is anymore. But it is still interesting and fun to tell the story to the next generation. They will think the story is the truth.

The governments of all countries hide the truth from the people. The truth is out there somewhere. Everyone is looking for the truth. But where is the truth. Where do you look for the truth. The truth is out there somewhere. Any way that is what they say. The truth is out there. You just have to find it. So search and you will find the truth. Maybe.