Android applications that pays through PayPal

Hi guys its Rahul. I usually post about money earning websites. But now I am gonna tell you a big secret. I earn much dollars from Android applications than from other sites expect Humanatics. Usually android applications are easy and more user friendly. Some applications pay you for downloading apps whereas some pays you for referrals. You may be wondering how will you redeem right? Ya friends all the application pays through Paypal and you can even redeem to or, Flipkart, Bitcoins, Itunes etc.

So let me start up with Appnana. It’s one of the famous android application available in playstore. I know that most of the “skypers” here may know about it. What you needed to do is just download games and invite friends. Its the most simplest android application that pays you much.

Now the second is my personal favorite. It’s an application called Champ cash. Here is what you wanted to do is just refer friends and you will get 0.50$-1$ for each referral. This app hasn’t gained much popularity. But my friends believe i got every single payout. Here the mode of with drawing is simple. Just give your account number , name and IFSC code of your bank and sit back, they will do the rest.

The next application is the cheapest and simplest way to earn paypal rewards. The app is available in playstore in the name “com.earnworld.quickoffer”. Its really a good application. If you are a tech guy you can simply loot this application. Even today i redeemed 5$ from this application. I don’t have any proof for this website as i just discovered this application today morning @ around 5.00 am

I share every earning sites with you all. I hope this is what makes me a real freelancer. I am glad that one of my friends “Raaman” had remembered me. I never saw any other website where people quotes other websites. Even though you criticized me my friend, It shows the impact of my article. I am still glad that some good feelancers are here